About KONG

What is freerunning?

Freerunning is a growing urban sport, in which you maneuver yourself through your environment using gymnastics techniques, such as flips and vaults. In this sport, strenght, technique and especially creativity are very important. This is because, in freerunning, it is not only about the biggest jumps and the hardest tricks, but also about combining those into one epic run, using the environment in your own unique way and flowing seamlessly from one trick into another. Although you can freerun individually, it is truly a social sport, where freerunners often train in groups, challengingg themselves and each other to surpass their own level!

What is KONG?

D.S.F.A. KONG is the student sports association for freerunning in Delft. It started in late 2021 on the initiative of Bink Boëtius, and together with Vincent van den Burg, Arthur Helsloot, Floris Knops, Rudi Smits and Leigh Walter, we created what is now known as D.S.F.A. KONG. We try to serve as the centre of the freerun community in Delft by being active and accessible to freerunners of all different levels of experience.

Meet your trainers!

Floris Knops

Hey everyone! 

I’m Floris, one of the trainers of KONG. I am 21 years old and IDE student at Delft. I’m a real freerun fanatic, who is about all forms of movement, but mainly focuses on parkour. I have been a trainer for several years now and started training about 5 years ago. You will always find me jumping around and trying the most stupid challenges, jumps or other moves. I really enjoy teaching others freerun and always hope to invoke the same passion for the sport in others. I have been a trainer from the first year I started training because I might enjoy teaching others moves more than doing them myself. Others will say I’m just not that good, but hey, not every coach has to be a pro himself!

For example, we organize indoor training sessions, under guidance of our professional coaches. Here we start at a level that everyone can grasp, but also give the option to the more skilled freerunners to challenge themselves and try something harder. Furthermore, we organize outdoor jams, where the focus lies on challenging yourself and each other to use the learned skills in a creative way at the spot where we then train. There are a lot of great spots on the campus of the TU Delft and in the rest of the city, but sometimes we also organize a trip to some other cool spot outside of Delft and train there. While the sport is important, these jams are for the most part just having fun with your friends! Accordingly, after a training or a jam, we often eat or drink a beer together to relax and to get to know each other a little better. 

Floris Krops

Vincent van den Burg

Hi guys!

I’m Vincent, also a trainer at KONG! At the age of 6, I started breakdancing. Now, 20 years later, I still have the same passion to make the most impressive moves. After breakdance, I developed myself in gymnastics, tricking and freerunning. As a freerunner, I have also been part of some performances. I played in ‘ONE the Musical’ for example. Besides shows, I have been teaching freerunning since 2016, in particular at ‘Jump Freerun’. And now I am throwing the students of Delft into the world of freerunning!