Training schedule

D.S.F.A. KONG organizes two training session per week in cooperation with X, the culture and sports center of the TU Delft. One of them is the indoor training session on Tuesday, where we can use the available material to learn new tricks and techniques. Because these materials are provided by X, everyone that is part of these training sessions (trial trainings at the start of the year excluded!) needs to have an X subscription and enroll themselves for the training. With such a subscription you can do a lot more at X than just freerunning, so be sure to check it out

Besides the indoor training sessions, we also organize outdoor jams every Thursday. These jams are more focused on creativity and applying your learned skills in different environments. While you still have to enroll yourself for these jams, you don’t need an X subscription to do so, since we are not making use of their facilities. Other jams and activities will also be organized throughout the year without cooperation with X. These will be announced in our WhatsApp group and everyone can join, without X subscription or enrolling!

Indoor training sessions

Outdoor Training sessions