Being a non profit organization doesn’t mean that we don’t need money. Money is essential to achieve all our goals as an association, both on the front of providing freerunning training to students at the TU Delft, and building a vibrant community with cool activities. Most of this money is collected in the form of contribution, which is paid annually by every member equal to €40,00. However we know that some people will want to contribute a bit extra, and some people will have friends and family that want to contribute without being a member. That’s why we accept donations from as low as €1,-.

Bronze tier
< €20,-

You can obtain the bronze tier by donating any annual amount below €20,00. Though this tier does not come with any benefits, it does still help our association a lot.

Silver tier
> €20,-

From €20,00 you become an official Donor of KONG. This means that you will receive the biquarterly newsletter, The Daily KONG. You will also be mentioned as a Donor on the website. At least once a year, KONG will organize an event open to all Donors, like a freerun show or a fun activity. ​

Gold tier
> €40,-

From €40,00 annually you contribute just as much to the association as a regular member would. Gold tier Donors will get a special shoutout in the Daily KONG, as well as a more prominent mention on the website.


You will receive the benefits of your respective tier during the association year (starting August 1st) in which you donated. The following year, you will be requested by mail to continue your donation. The board can always decline donations or discontinue them if deemed necessary for the protection of the association.